mfc application -converting from mbcs to unicode

hi friends i am facing error while converting the code from mbcs to uniccode.
i am getting the error in SETat();
error 2664 setat cannot convert parameter 1 from class cstring to const char *

if i convert from cstring to const char i am getting this error.

D:PROGRAM FILESMICROSFT VISUAL STUDIOVC98MFCINCLUDEAfxtempl.h:error 2664 setat cannot convert parameter 1 from class CString to const char*
no user defined conversion operator available that can perform this conversion or the operator called.

here they have used the syntax as
void setat(ARG_KEY key,ARG_VALUE new value) in program.


CString dw=GetStringfromRowCol(nRow,nCol,nSheet);
Trace1(_T("xf index used %x
SetAt(dw,pM);--- -----here i am getting that error

can any one help how to solve this problem

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