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I'm trying to give a program response with JSP but the program compaints about the give Charset.

The program sends a URL with paramaters to the JSP page and needs the content generated by the JSP page to work properly. The response is not allowed to have any kind of charset. So I need JSP to give a response to the program with no charset.

Is this possible? Can't find my answer with Google.


  • pageEncoding:The encoding used for the JSP page file, as well as
    the response charset if no charset is specified by contentType.

    If this attribute is omitted, but a charset is specified for contentType,
    that charset is also used of the page; if contentType doesn't specify a charset, ISO-8859-1 is used for a regular JSP page, and UTF-8 is used for a JSP Document.

    you can use response.setCharaterEncoding() to set the charset for jsp

    hope it helps

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