Auto Pan Wee - Code Name - APWee (A Pee Wee)

...I must have been drunk when making this thread LOL

Original thread ---

The idea is to code a software to autopan the screen, perhaps with zoom feature too, and additional features if so. You press 'ctrl' to activate the autopan so to aviod autopan being an asshole like taking forever to reach the 'x' button on explorers because its busy autopanning in a window that takes forever to reach the borders of a window. Off course the autopan would only occur if there is space out of view in a window/screen. I havent put much thought to it and how much good things it would bring but i know it would be a nice useful tool. And it doesnt seem to exist.

Sounds nice? Im not a programmer so i wouldnt be able to make it within a day but i know you coding nerds (nerd as in the crazy skilled one) can.

Please please, it would be the most simple yet most awesome and helpful tool that i can think of to ever embrace the world. Off course im trying not to think too much cause im working on other projects and my mind is not in a zen state.

Ans yes im serioues about this. Im hoping you would make it free. I wouldnt be able to help technically.

I know most mouse has an auto pan feature but i havent thought about it or compare it but i think this would be better.
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