Combo Box problem.

I have been trying to get a Combo Box to accept integers via a FOR loop. Since the Combo accepts only strings I converted the integers into a string using the itoa() function and sent the appropriate messages. However, what I am getting in the Combo are beautifully designed squares instead of the integers as converted to a string. What could I be possibly doing wrong. Two other Combos I filled in using a struct are working perfectly. While on this I would like to know if the atoi() function returns only a signed integer?


  • [color=Blue]Check if your code is UNICODE oriented. Because itoa() works with ANSI buffers only.[/color]
  • I don't see anything even resembling the word UNICODE in my coding. I am using VS@))* and the O.S. is XP Professional. If itoa() is used for just ANSI buffers then what do we use for UNICODE?
  • This posting has been deleted.
  • [color=Blue]itow() can be used, also windows API has wsprintf() which properly maps to ANSI or UNICODE version.[/color]
  • Thanks for the function. I used itow_s() and it worked like a charm.

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