Assembler program

Hi,I'm new in this forum.I am an italian girl that need help about list program.
I hope somebody could help me :(
I need a program,in assembly language (I prefer z80 but if not possible i think that for 8086 or M68000 is ok too).
Program should simulate a pharmaceutical panel with tre Cross that change coulor,for example green,after 2 seconds blu,and after 2 seconds yellow,with the rotation of cross and the date of the day that shift in the panel.
Is it hard to do? :(

Please,help me.



  • [color=Blue]1. I am not sure I understand your task. What is "pharmaceutical panel" and why it works like a traffic light?

    2. How many hours ;-) before the task must be done?[/color]
  • Oh :) Thanks for your reply :)
    Sorry for my english language,I mean the panel like this picture or similar,but I have to simulate a program that stamp a cross with green led and, after some seconds,red and blu.And some effects like rotation of the cross and shifting data.
    I hope is now clear :)
    Could you help me?
    I have to finish this work before the end of this month.

    Bye and thanks again for your reply.
  • [color=Blue]It is hard.
    What operating system are you using for this?[/color]
  • I'm using for Windows xp,
    however I think to use
    an emulator if is possible
    to make it in z80 assembly,or any
    other emulator.
    I really need help :(
    Thank you for your reply
    again ;)
    Bye,i hope that you
    answer soon ;)
    have a nice day :))
  • [color=Blue]x86 emulator is here:

    However, the easiest code you can write is to use Windows programming. All you need is to use bitmaps. Draw the sign as a bitmap or rather few bitmaps where cross changes color and/or shape and then just use timer to display the different bitmaps each 2 seconds. I can create a sample code for you in FASM - it is x86 assembler and very powerful (easy to use).
  • Ok,thanks for reply.I've uploaded an attachement with the first part of images that I need to use :)

  • Ok,thanks for reply.I've uploaded an attachement with the first part of images that I need to use :)

  • second attachement upload
  • ...and the last attachement upload.
    I hope it's clear.
    I need to understand how can i address the colour in each pixel to create the cross,in assembly language.
    Thanks for all your reply,you are very kind ;)
    bye bye :)
  • [color=Blue]The point of using bitmaps is exactly the way of NOT using the color for each pixel, because it is too hard.[/color]
  • I'm waiting for your help,i hope it's easy for you.Thanks,bye ;)

  • [color=Blue]Please contact me:[/color]
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