Re-install PERL on Vista

I have re-installed Perl on my Vista home premium.

A perl script executes successfully in the dos window.

However when I try to run a script from a web page, i.e. from localhost, I get the following message ...
Server Error in '/' Application.
Could not load type 'e:PerlinPerlIS.dll'. [/color]

(There is more, which I did not copy).

A bit of history - when I installed the first Perl, it was from a cd and automatically loaded onto the E drive. Since then, I uninstalled that and installed from a web page download.

I have removed the e:... reference from the path in environment variables.

IIS7 works successfully, as do php scripts.

How do I fix this so that it points to the installation on the c drive?

John Mckay

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