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I want to modify a Basic file that I have inherited. I have the test.bas file, test.vbp, test.vbw and the test.exe files.

I do not know how this was compiled - it may be quite an old file - I did notice a reference to MSVBVM60 in the .exe.

EDITED: I have also just noticed that there is a referecne to VBA60.DLL in the executable. Perhaps this is of some help.

I have Visual Studio 2005 - how do I setup a project to compile this test.bas file?



  • seancampbellseancampbell Pennsylvania, USA
    usually .bas files were written in vb 6.0, is this true in this case? If so, and you can open the .bas file with a text editor fine, you should be able to just open it with Visual studio, and edit it straight from there. Once you fix the code to work with VB.Net, it should be fine.

    There are some tools out there that convert from VB6.0 to VB.Net

    If the .bas file is compiled, I do not know if it can be decompiled.

    Best answer I can give you.
    -sean c
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