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I'M trying to learn Python and as you might expect, I start with "Hello World". But I can't get anything to happen. How do I execute and view the end result of my code?


  • You should give a bit more information, it's hard to say what the problem is.

    Firstly, you obviously need to make sure you have [link=]Python[/link] installed. If you do, then python programs should run with a double-click.

    Then check the syntax, Python 2.6 does not need parentheses around the parameter while the new Python 3 does ( print "Hello World!" vs. print ("Hello world!") )

    Next, check that you saved the file with the .py extension, not .txt or .py.txt or something like that.

    If you get a black box flashing by, then it probably works, but you're not waiting for a keypress. Add raw_input('Press Enter...') if that's the case.

    Running the program from the [link=]command line[/link] will show you any syntax errors in your program.

    Have fun!
  • It may be working.

    In the Wing IDE either press F5 or, in the debug menu choose start/continue.

    Your 'Hello World' Should appear in the Debug I/O window beneath your code view. This window by default is in the same collection of tabs as the Python Shell window.
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