how to make bullet in richtextbox

in vb net,how to make bullet in richtextbox?can you give me the example of the source code plz?


  • seancampbellseancampbell Pennsylvania, USA
    The whole first page of google's search was filled with someone posting your question under various names yesterday, I will assume you posted all over the internet... The second page of the google search had the answer.

    RichTextBox1.SelectionBullet = True will set the selection to have a bullet style.

    RichTextbox1.BulletIndent 'Sets the amount of indenting a bullet has

    Read the MSDN article, has some great sample code in it.

    Happy Coding,
    Sean Campbell

    PS: Remember, search engines are your friend, Almost all posts that I don't know the answer too immediately, I have been able to find answers to in a search
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