Recommended reading for getting overview of various Windows OS


I'm a developer/architect with many years experience of other OSs but know nothing at all about MS OSs.

I have a requirement to develop a client program (a networking component, sitting at the TCP/UDP layer, no requirement for a UI, or maybe a rudimentary testing UI) for XP, Vista, Win7 and WinMo.

I'd like to get an overview of these 4 OSs first from a high level, what do they have in common, where do they differ etc. Initially to get some background for orientation for myself, but with the aim of ultimately finding out what my options are for developing the client - i.e. what APIs, language should be used, can its core be written in a portable way or will 4 totally separate clients need to be developed etc.

Ideally what I'd like is a book that can give me a high level overview or comparison etc. of these (though maybe there is nothing for Win7 yet?) but I can't find anything suitable. Maybe there isn't a single book available that can give me this and instead I'll need 4 separate ones and have to find the similarities/differences myself but I don't want a book that delves into deep development details full of code.

Can anybody recommend ideally a single book, or failing that one for each OS that I can quickly read?


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