SOA WEBINAR AND COURSES IN MAY-JUNE 2009 (database synchronization)

Soalib works with database synchronization. Soalib is offering a number of free webinar and training courses online as well in class. The online versions can be registered by visiting [link=][/link]

The following are the webinars:

12 May 2009 - SOA on Synchronization and Data Services
18 May 2009 - SOALIB for Heterogeneous SOA Applications
21 May 2009 - On Demand SOA

Training Courses
11 May 2009 - Basic Concepts of SOA Project Planning [FREE!]
14 May 2009 - Advanced Concepts in SOA Project Planning
27 May 2009 - Advanced use of SOALIB for Heterogeneous SOA Applications

Space is Limited

Register by visiting [link=][/link]

Thank you.


Soalib Incorporated
33 Boston Post Road W, Suite 160
Marlborough, MA 01752, USA
Tel: 1-508-460-1116
Website: [link=][/link]

Source for all Service Oriented Architecture Solutions


  • Soalib.COM is offering free webinar on SOA (service oriented architechture). Over 10 years experienced SOA guru, E. Jamil, the founder and developer of [link]Soalib.COM[/link] will conduct all the webinars. Seats are limited. Don't dare to miss it! Enroll at [][/link]

    P.S: Learn from the original Guru and see how easily it works!
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