Why Python

I've tried in the past to learn C++ and now C#. In both cases I get so far into it and then things just start getting to complicated. Would python be a better place to start? And if so, why? Also, most of the jobs I see in the local adds are for C++, Java, and PHP (.NET). Is there a job market for python programmers?


  • It's much easier to learn. Code looks better....
    just look at the homepage of the python foundation...
  • python is an easy to use and learn language which is organised around the problem at hand without the programmer having to worry about complex syntax rules like in C++.in python you develop an application using a few lines of code as compared to C/C++ where you have to do monkey coding just to accomplish a simple task.what i really like about python is its extensive GUI features/toolkits which make GUI development easy and flexible.you also don't have to do advanced tasks like memory management.as for the market, yes python is very marketable.Ask those who develop in google and yahoo and many other companies, python is a must have requirement.
  • Python is one a developing programming concept, you can learn more and start your career in python.
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