Creating 3D game for PSP

Hello! I've got really much free time and I wanna try myself as a game programmer. I thought about writing simple (but good quality:)) game for PSP. I know that it can be written in C++ and I know this language from the university. Do you remember game LBA2 for PC from end of previous century? I'd like my game to be something like 3D or 2D with space effect. I remember from that game that inside the rooms there was one view from the above. And outside (in the world) something like third person camera.

And my question is - do you know anything about creating 3D games for PSP? I mean: what things do I need to learn before even trying to write simple game? What 3D graphical environment/application should I use to create objects and so on? Is 3D Studio Max a good choice? And more important question - how to connect graphical elements with the code? What kind of libraries do I need to use? And how to support connection between PSP and PC if I want to try some network features (like playing together - one person on PC, the other on console)? (I just wanna improve my computer abilities and do something with my free time :D). Summing up, what are the things which I need to learn? Can you suggest any usefull sites or books?

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