Registration Info System in 8086 Assembly

Hey Everyone! Can anyone help me with this project in ASSEMBLY x8086? I will be very thankful to you.


The objective of this project is to write Assembly code to implement a Registration
Information System, with a case-insensitive password.
Program features:
1. The student is prompted to enter their student number, which is between 1000
and 5999.
2. Then the student is prompted to enter the password. The program compares the
input to a password stored in memory or a file. The comparison does not care
about the case (e.g. A is equal to a). The password should be at least 8 characters,
and must contain letters and numbers.
3. If the password is correct, the student is given the registration information
according to the following table:
Student Number Registration Information
1000-1999 You are a first-year student; you should register MATH 141, COMP 142, ENGC 101.
2000-2999 You are a second-year student; you should register ENCS 234,
COMP 231, ENEE 231.
3000-3999 You are a third-year student; you should register ENCS 331, COMP 333, ENEE 331.
4000-4999 You are a fourth-year student; you should register ENCS 432,
COMP 433, MATH 331.
5000-5999 You are a fifth-year student; you should register ENCS 535, ENCS 536, ENCS 539.
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