Problem with playing movies with media player from Borland C++ Builder


I have a task to make a movie player, but at school when I tried to play it at school using TMediaPlayer I couldn't get any picture but I could hear the audio nicely.I tried installing codecs but that didn't work. When I tried the same code at home there was a picture but the video was going four times faster and I couldn't hear any audio (but I guess if I heard it it would sound so high pitched )

Is there some codec special for Borland that I have to install or is there some other way to solve this?

Thanks in advance


  • May I suggest using TWindowsMediaPlayer? You can install it from Component->Import ActiveX Control. Find Windows Media Player in the list and click install. It should then appear in ActiveX tab in Component Palette.

    I was using it and it worked just fine. You can play files like this:
    [code] WMP->URL = file;

    [b]WMP[/b] is the name of component i put on form and [b]file[/b] is AnsiString.

    Hope it helps.
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