MS SQL database copy over remote connection


I was hoping someone could supply me with some technologies available to do remote copy of a db over a live connection? I've been scouring ADO.NET and even ASP ADO and I'm having issues with finding the appropriate libraries that can be used if the source database is a black box entirely. It seems as though there always has to be a carbon copy(schema and layout) of the database on the destination server in order for a copy to take place via ADO.NET. Please assume that the source server is very tightly restricted in terms of permissions and a simple BACKUP DATABASE query is not an option. Bulk Copy (BCP) is also out of the question because a command line connection to the destination server is unavailable. All that is available is a remote connection to the target server and databases. My main concern is keeping database integrity in terms of all the constraints, stored procedures, and views of the source database (I think ADO.NET falls short on the latter two).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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