I am writing IAR PowerPac RTOS for MSP430 family and I am using MSP430F1611 microcontroller. The C code developer has used both the timers A&B in his code but in my analysis I have found that Timer B register values does not change through out the code. Since I need a Hardware timer tick for interrupts I decided to use the same timerB for hardware tick with same frequency as my friend has used for other ADC conversions. I would like to know how can I make this tick to other values with pout changong the actual register values.

Here is the code for tick and its tick handler:

I would like to know how can I use the TimerB in such a way that the
register value TBCCRO must not change but it should rather make a tick
approximately every 1ms. As the programmer has already used this timerA and
TimerB in his programe and I have found that TimerB is the only option for
me to use as TimerB tick as its register values are not changing through out
the code.

#define OS_FSYS 3000000

void OS_InitHW(void){
WDTCTL = WDTPW + WDTHOLD; /* Stop watchdog timer */
TBCTL = OUTMOD_4 /*Reset Timer_B7, division 1*/
| (1 << 2) /* Clear timer*/
| (1 << 9); /* Use ACLK as timer clock */
TBCCR0 = (OS_FSYS / 375); /* approx 0.125ms */

TBCCTL0 = 0 /* Initilize capture control */
| (1 << 4); /* Enable compare interrupt */
TBCTL |= (1 << 4); /* Start timer in UP-Mode */
OS_COM_Init(); /* Initialize UART */

#pragma vector=TIMERB0_VECTOR // Sandhi
static __interrupt void ISR_TimerB(void)

To be more clear I want to make Tick every 1ms with out changing
the Registers value in above program? Kindly give me a solution for this.
According to the above code Tick is made for every 0.125ms
(Since OS_FSYS /375=8000 that means 1/8000=0.125ms every tick)

MSP430F1611 slau is also attached for referance.

With regards,
Prashant Kumar Sandhi.

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