Automation Error -2147417843 in ActiveX component

Hi All

I trying to write an automation script to screen scrape a 3rd Party VB6 application.

I am having difficulty trying to enter in data in an ActiveX Masked Edit Control (textbox).

When I try using
call SendMessage(myHwnd1,&HC,0,"String")

I get an Automation Error
"An outgoing call can not be made since the application is dispatching an input synchronous call"

I have looked up the MSDN forums and knowledge base and it suggests using timers but I have tried that and it didn't make any difference.

I have tried using other Win32 API such as SetWindowText but that didn't work for obvivous reasons.

Does anyone know how to enter data into an activeX component using VBA and Win32 API calls and not get the automation error?

Kind Regards


  • I have worked this out, but using a combination of SendMessage to get focus and SendKeys.
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