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what is the difference between xml and database?what are the advantages of xml over database?


  • In XML data storage, the data is stored in a file which represents an XML Schema of the data. To read the data, you have to pull and open the entire file in memory and use technics like xpath to get the data element you want.
    In SQL data storage, the data is stored in a database ( usually relational database). To read the data, you simple sent an SQL query to the database. The database management engine analysis the query and get the required data elements you ask for in your query which is finally sent to you as a reply.

  • hi..
    XML is the abbreviation for Extensible Markup Language.
    A database is a powerful data storage and retrieval technology where data is stored as rows in tables and the database has one or more tables.
    I think XML was never intended to provide a storage mechanism in the sense that a relational database was. XML was really designed to be a platform-neutral way of sharing of structured data across different information systems, particularly via the internet. So comparing "XML" as if it were some sort of persistence mechanism like a database puts you off the mark.So how we can campare it
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