Treeview problem (row.Table.DataSet.RejectChanges() )


Iam a novice in Windows programming. I have a Windows.Form.Treeview that populates from the database. I also have a reject changes button in the form which basically executes this code

row = (DataRow)tvAccountHierarchy.Nodes[0].Tag;
LoadTree(tvAccountHierarchy, row.Table.DataSet);

I have noticed that when I click on the reject changes button the tree view basically repopulates from the already created Dataset (after rejecting the changes) , but it dosent seem to be re-populating it properly.

The parent - child relationships which show up when loaded the first time (when the form opens up) , does not maintain after i hit the reject changes button.

The code has been moslty borrowed from this link

I am desperately hoping for some help.


P.S: I even tried re-loading the data from the database when i hit the reject button. But still the parent -child relationship seems to get screwed up.
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