External variable

Hello ,

I want to know how to use a external var like

#perl script.pl var1 var2

and how to use/define var1 and var2 in script.pl

like $1 $2 in msdos

Have a nice day


  • Do you mean how to work with command line arguments which were used when calling your perl script?
    If so...

    - Input Parameters:
    - This example shows how to call "PERL Console Application" with input parameters and read them from the code.
    - Create C:TempTest.pl
  • They're just in the @ARGV array, so:

    [code]print $ARGV[0];[/code]

    Will print the first one for example.

    (tr/yuiqwert/her anot/))for($::b);for($::c){$_.=$^X;
    /(p.{2}l)/;$_=$1}$::b=~/(..)$/;print("$::a$::b $::c hack$1.");
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