3D rotation

Could anybody help with implementing a trigonometric 3D rotation, the tutorials I found were all about matrix rotations I couldn't get :-(

Thank You, Wolfgang


  • It can all be done with Sin() & Cos(). Many years ago I made a 3D tie fighter that flies through space in Turbo Pascal 7 from scratch with alot of help from the Asphyxia tutorials.

    I recommend you google the "Asphyxia Tutorials". They are very great learning tools.
  • Trigonometric rotation (w/ look-up tables for speed) and fire effect ( to look cool :-) ). The projection is a bit buggy, causes small distortions some times, will post a fix soon as I have time to debug it.

    [red]Correction:[/red] Change the "[b]uses[/b]" line to [b]uses crt;[/b], since no other units are needed...

  • Screenshot:
  • Thank You for the prompt replies mates !!! Now I got lots to study !

  • Neither one of your D/L work for me. They D/L but do not open. Anyone else having issues?
  • Posting it again uncompressed, hope it will work, let me know if otherwise.
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