Dont know where to begin

So iv done probably about 200 little tidbits of programing in my life and iv set off ti finally write a program of my own.

So basicly i need to know where i should begin.

Im not sure what the best language to do this is or if it should be a database or what BUT i want to design and write a program that opens on a client PC and keeps itself up to date on a server.

this program should

1. be windows based.
2. be easily mass distributable
3. it should collect data from the client computer (example and item and its price) and upload it to the server
4. the server side should then update all other computers connected with this information.
5. i would like it to be able to keep 5 records of one item and display to the client side computers and average of there prices so that if multiple clients upload the same item with different prices it will average them.
6. when items are entered they need to be entered by serial#, type, of item,name,dicription, condition,price needs to have some sort of system in place (which is why i chose to use serial numbers) to make sure multiple instances of the same item do not happen and that similar occurences of the same item get grouped together up to 5 and then there after it discards any new instance of that item

I know its alot but i need to know where to start and would like help learning about what im doing.
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