Windows Hooks in .NET

What are the limitations of windows hooks in .net? And up to what extent can .net control OS events if windows hooks are applied? And finally, what are the controls that .net can use to control those OS events? Please help.


  • anything specific you're looking for?

  • i don't know specifically what i am looking for coz i don't have any idea about windows hooks yet. i am doing a research on it that's why if you can at least tell me anything about its limitations in .NET, i would greatly appreciate your help.
  • hehe - that's a pretty broad question so I'll give you a pretty broad answer :P

    The limitations of the various windows hooks are (just like anything else) the hooks themselves.

    If a hook hasn't been written for something (or poorly written) then the limitation is that you can't use it.

    I believe (not accessing external hooks often myself) that there are still alot of these that have not been written into the .Net libraries yet. So you have to resort to accessing unmanaged DLLs in order to get the access you may or may not require.

  • Ok, thanks for your help ^^
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