Printer Problem

i am doing a vb program that manually set currentx and currenty as the location to print in the paper, I've set the custom papersize by creating a new form under server properties. My printer is epson fx-2180. My program works fine the way it should be, as long as the printer is installed locally.. If i installed my printer on a network pc, it doesnt follow the location to where a text should be printed, but insted it prints on every new page of the paper.. can anyone help me? tnx a lot for some one out there! I really reallly need this!


  • I think this is a very common problem. I know many people who have faced the same problem. But I have advised all of them to consult an expert. If any body asks me to provide suggestion I always refer them to [link=][/link]. The staffs out there help me a lot whenever I face any issues with my computer. I hope they will also provide you necessary services to solve your problem.
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