Retrieving Dynamic Images Using WebBrowser Control?


I have a problem using webBrowser control. Is there a way to retrieve a dynamic image, say a banner, directly from the webBrowser control? It should be retrieved without making an additional web request since an additional request would change the image.

For a more specific example, how can I load a dynamic image requested by and shown in the WebBrowser control into a PictureBox? The use of the PictureBox's ImageLocation property will not work since it will request the image from the server.

Any idea?



  • The WebBrowser control does not expose any kind of functionality for this. The only ways to grab this image via managed code is to pull it from cache or temporary files.

    if you are so inclined you can build your own web browser off of the WebClient class that is available to inherit from - but it would be a lot of work to achieve grabbing a particular add banner.

  • yeah i guess so. With regards to retrieving images from cache or temporary files, any idea on how I can start with this?
  • oh I wouldn't know off the top of my head, google it - that stuff is all windows knowledge.

  • just did. seems simple enough, but i also just found out that it wouldn't work, since some dynamic images are intentionally set to "no-cache" mode, which is simple not putting the image in cache or temporary files. I guess I have to resort to other means.
  • Ya, that sucks that the web browser doesn't support this - what we need is to write a program using the web browser that just keeps sending complaints to microsoft until they give us our demands!


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