hey guys, i have a question that might take some time to answer, but here goes:

how can you handle processes in c++ on windows? by processes i mean things like services.exe, svchost.exe, etc the thing you find on task manager. im trying to write a program that monitors them and has some limited capability of modifying them, things like ending or starting them, or finding their original location, changing their affinity, etc (basically a lot of the functions on task manager, but im doing this so it will take very little memory and pretty much runs in the background). any help would be nice, but most importantly i just need to know the very specific classes and commands to use to find processes, end them, or change their affinity. eventually this will be a console application (ideally, it depends if i can make the input work easy), so i dont need any GUI help. thanks for your help.

edit: also if you could show me a way to get the specific status of a process that is running, things like the variable values, the addresses they might be using, etc would be very helpful for debugging things (im not sure if this is possible, but if it is, it would be very nice)


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