directdraw scaling problem

Hi all

I'm trying to use directdraw to scale a high mega pixel video to a window size, but I fail on certain video cards.

The details are as followed:
Surface1 holds the original frames, 2144x976, RGB24, offscreen surface, in video memory, not overlayed.
Surface2 is the same just with a different resolution of 704x530.
When I blit from Surface1 to Surface2 the failure occures.
On tested Nvidia/Ati cards it all works fine, but on intel GMA cards I get a not implemented error response.

A few remarks:
1) On smaller source resolutions it all works fine and the scaling works as anticipated
2) Initially this blit caused a blue screen on workstations equipped with the intel cards, but after updating their driver, that was resolved
3) Looking through the card's directdraw capabilities I didn't find any relevant imposed scaling limitations or surface sizes limitations
4) Currently the only work around that I can see for this (without waiting for the blit to fail) is to check for the lack of flag NONLOCALVIDMEM and combine this with a certain resolution threshold above which the surfaces will be created in system memory

Any thoughts?
Thanks in advance

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