Desperately Need excell cripting Help (very complicated)

I'm developing this tool for work and I am stuck on how to implement what I need. See Attachment

Somehow I need to be able to let people add and remove lines under each stage (B8:B14), esentially copy and insert a row and delete the row if needed.

So far I have managed to get two possible methods by modifying scripts I found on the web:

Button 1 (I8) will copy cells B2:B8 and insert wherever I have specified. The problem is I don't know how I can force it to insert the copied cells under the corresponding stage.

Button 2 (I9) will insert a row directly below the button without having to copy cells B2:B8, however it does not copy the formulas down and it also shifts the content in column J and K.

Another problem I need addressed is how to remove the inserted lines if the user needs to. What I wanted to do was add a checkbox in front of the newly inserted lines so that if selected the user could push the "Delete Checked" button in (I7) and it will delete the checked rows.

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