wheel of fortune project

I am creating the game of wheel of fortune using MATLAB and I am having some trouble getting started. Any ideas as to how to go about this?


  • Please, explain the steps of the game.
  • I want to write a textfile with the puzzles the user will have to guess. Hints will be included and each puzzle will be on its own row of script. Based on the number of rows (or puzzles) specified in the script, the program will choose a random puzzle from the text file to read. Each puzzle is a group of words the user has to guess.
    The actual wheel of fortune will be an array of integers. I will assign values for the wheel like 0 = bankrupt, and -1=loose a turn. Spinning the wheel will just generate a random number in a specified interval.
    If the user does not go bankrupt or lose a turn when they spun the wheel, they can choose to pick a consonant or buy a vowel. Then, the user can choose to guess or roll again. If the user guessed correctly, him/her can guess the puzzle or roll again. If the user does not guess correctly, the turn goes to the next player.
    If it can be done, I may also put in some graphics for the wheel spinning process. I'm not sure quite how to do that at this point but I am going to look into it and play around with diferent styles.
    Was this enough info? I want to start out by having a choice of categories and maybe a textfile for each category? Then depending on the category the user chooses it will read the corresponding text file? Is that a logial approach? Thanks so much for you help!!

  • First of all you have to create the text files. You can create different files for different categories or only one file with all the categories inside and some string that identifies the category. Perhaps the first choice is better.

    Then, you can start writing your code. I think it's better to start writing the code for only one spinning and then put the code inside a loop so that it can simulate more than one spinning. Also the graphics could be done at the end.

    So, the first lines of the code have to make a choice for the category (probably generating a random number? with [u]rand[/u] function), open the corresponding file (perhaps with the [u]textread[/u] function) and choose a random puzzle (generating another random number).

    Then display the hints and, perhaps, the category name.

    Then, the user have to spin the wheel...

    Please, if you have other questions, post them in www.sosmatlab.com. I will not answer here in the future.
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