C++ Builder 6 Darabase Search help

I have a question about how to search a simple database. I have a Table ,a DataSource ,a DBGrid ,a button(for search) and an EditBox. I connected everything with my previously created Paradox7 database and everything shows nicely on the DBGrid. My question is , how can i search the database with the word or vale entered trough the edit box?

I tried this but it`s not working. I got it to work but with only one field input " Table1->Locate("Customer")... " , when i enter more fields to search in it`s not working...

void __fastcall TForm3::Button1Click(TObject *Sender)

TLocateOptions Opts;
Opts << loCaseInsensitive;

Variant input[4];


bool control = Table1->Locate("Customer;ID;Phone",VarArrayOf(input,4) ,Opts);
if(control==0) ShowMessage("The search has failed!");



  • I am sure there is a shorter way to do this but here take a look and dont mind the money part it was used to add the value of the items i searched that were found.

    void __fastcall TForm6::FormShow(TObject *Sender)
    int i = 1;
    int p = 0;
    int money =0;
    Edit3->Text = Form1->ExistingVehicleList->Text; //This is what iam searching what ever is in that textbox
    Table1->First(); //starts at top of DAtabase
    { if(Table1->Fields->Fields[4]->AsString == Edit3->Text)//if the text(searched item) = the item in field 4 which is my list of items name
    StringGrid1->Rows[0]->CommaText = "ProPM Item_Repaired Descreption Cost Date";
    StringGrid1->RowCount = i +1;
    //All this stuff inputs the info into the cells on the table from the database as long as field 4 is equeal to my search text
    StringGrid1->Cells[1][i] = Table1->Fields->Fields[0]->AsString;
    StringGrid1->Cells[2][i] = Table1->Fields->Fields[1]->AsString;
    StringGrid1->Cells[3][i] = Table1->Fields->Fields[2]->AsInteger;
    StringGrid1->Cells[4][i] = Table1->Fields->Fields[3]->AsString;
    money = money + Table1->Fields->Fields[2]->AsInteger;
    p = 1;
    Table1->Next(); //goes to the next database field
    } while(Table1->Eof == false) ; //searches database till it the end of hte database
    if(p == 0)
    StringGrid1->RowCount = 0;

    Edit1->Text = StringGrid1->RowCount - 1;
    Edit2->Text = money;


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