How to display how the classes are related to each other graphically?


I am a new user of Borland C++ Builder 6. I have been using C for a few years but I just started learning C++.

I was given a complex c++ program written by former lab members. My task is to understand the program and modify
it to suite my needs. I have all the source codes (.cpp and .h files). There are about 200-250 files in different folders. It seems that there are many classes and member functions. Some of the classes are inherited from the others. Moreover, there are virtual functions. It is a bit difficult to understand the relationships among the classes/functions/files. My questions are as follows:

1. What is the best way to understand the program in this case?

2. Is there a way (perhaps a free program?) that allows me to display how the classes/files related to each other graphically? Due to the complexity of the program, I need something better than the built-in class explorer.

Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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