problem in VS.NET 2005 with SQL 2005

I installed VS.NET 2005 on my windowsXp mechine successfully but when i try to installed MICROSOFT SQL SERVER 2005, setup windows saying
"SQL Server 2005 Setup has detected incompatible components from beta versions of Visual Studio, .NET Framework, or SQL Server 2005.

I already have Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 1.0 SP3 Developer
Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 2.0
Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 premier Partner Edition-ENU
Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition-ENU
Microsoft Document Explorer 2005
Microsoft Device Emulator Version 1.0-ENU programms on Add/Remove program list.

Should i keep all these files or have i to remove any of these files to operate .NET 2005 with SQL 2005.
hw can i recognize components of the Beta version?I want to do my project using .NET quickly.
plz help me.


  • this is quoted from another forum...

    Please look at the %Program Files%Microsoft SQL Server90Setup
    BootstrapLOGFilesSQLSetup*_Core.log file. It should have a bit of
    information in it saying what the conflict is and some GUIDs indicating
    the product codes of the conflicting programs. The section you are looking
    for will look something like this (and may repeat):

    Running: PerformSCCAction2 at: 2004/6/27 13:54:12
    Product "{982DB00A-9C4E-436B-8707-18E113BAA44C}" versioned
    9.00.823 is not compatible with current builds of SQL
    Server.Expected at least version: 9.00.849
    The Product Name is "Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Analysis
    Services Beta 2"

    In this case, the offending product is
  • Hello,
    Try this,
    download and install
    before installing SQL Server 2005.
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