Crashing Flash Player

The Flash site I'm working on is causing Flash player to crash, both inside the browser (taking Firefox down with it) and inside the Flash IDE (taking Flash CS4 down with it) --this is regarding Flash Player 10,0,22,87 (debug version)

The exact point of crash varies considerably and no Flash errors appear, so I can't pinpoint the problem to any particular code. I thought there must be a nasty memory leak somewhere, but since I've started monitoring that (via System.totalMemory) that doesn't appear to be the problem. I thought maybe using hardware acceleration might be the cause, but turning it off hasn't made a difference. I'm using PaperVision3D Great White. Not using full screen--at least not YET. I'm streaming some video, streaming some audio... I don't know what's left.

Anybody have *any* ideas???
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