C++Builder: How to remove dependency on CC3260.DLL?

Hi, programmers.

I've got really a bcb-beginner's question, but I can't figure it out myself: An application built using C++ Builder 6 always attempts to load the 'CC3260.DLL' library - i.e. I need to ship this dll with my app (or restrict running the app only to machines where bcb is installed).
I unchecked the option "Build with runtime packages", but it didn't help.
Please, tell me whether there is a way to create "independent" (no Borland libraries needed) applications with Borland C++ Builder and how to achieve it.

Thanks a lot.

PS: My program makes use of NO Borland libraries at all (it even works without the TForm class), I only #include stdio.h and windows.h, so I cannot understand why cc3260.dll is needed (honestly, I don't know anything about cc3260.dll, like what it's for etc.).


  • For me it always helps to change 3 things in project options to make it work on computers without C++Builder installed.

    1. In Compiler tab - click the button 'Release'
    2. In Linker tab - uncheck Use Dynamic RTL
    3. In Packages tab - uncheck Build with runtime packages (this you already did)
  • Thank you, this is what I needed (esp. step 2).
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