TChart and TLineSeries


How can I change the name of a TLineSeries?

When I add a line or fastline or any other kind of graphic into Tchart, I cannot change its name. It just adds series like (Series1, Series2 etc).

I am using Builder C++ 6.0.


  • Hmm, seems this:
    [code]Chart1->Series[0]->Title = "A changed name";[/code]
    does the trick :)

    Edit: If you want to change the names through Object Inspector, click [...] button on Title Property and in Chart tab, Series sub-tab there is a button named [Title]. That can change the name aswell.

  • It is not the title that I would like to change but the actual name of the object (i.e. component).

    Upon adding a chart and a series, an object gets inserted in the class (header file) with a name such as:

    TChart *Chart1;
    TLineSeries *Series1;

    How can I change the name of this object? Instead of Chart1 or Series1, I would like to have a more meaningful name.

    I wonder if I the charting object that comes with Builder professional is limited and I need to purchase the full version from Steema the product?!?


  • Oh, sorry, didn't get that :)

    I could change that name through Object Inspector. You should see the Combobox there (at the top of the Object Inspector window). One of the objects there is TLineSeries. When you choose it, just rename it in the property window.

    You can also select the object through Object TreeView.

    Hope it helps.
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