MMA MMORPG Game help!!

Hey guys,
I am currently developing a php based browser game, called Virtual Octagon. It is a MMA simulator and designed as such:
A player is created thru selecting his class, Muay Thai-Wrestler-Striker-Balanced-Jui Jitsu, and then they roll for the character on a roller I made specifically for the game. I've created the moves database and my idea was to tie the Stamina to the moves and have the damage from the moves come froma combination of attributes. Here's where I've hit my wall. I have the following attributes for each character:
Take Down Defense
Ground N Pound
Ground Game
Submission Defense
KO Resist

Each Class has 4 Main attributes, and 4 secondary attributes and then Class specific. You can see the class roller here :

I am having major trouble trying to write the fight formula and I was looking for any kind of help that anyone could throw my way with suggestions.
I had an idea that for the Heart attribute you would get 5HP for each point in it.
For Conditioning you get 2 Stamina points per point, with Hear and Stamina starting out at 100.
I was also thinking of using Toughness as a Submission reducer somehow, and KO Resist as a damage reducer, but I'm struggling to get a really good formula. I look forward to any advice and any help that may come my way.
By the way, this game is text based. And the fights are simulations. I'm just curious as to if someone can help me with a formula. I figured the aggression attribute would determine who gets the first move, and i had some ideas of like: kick+strength - KO Resist = damage of move
Damage of move - (block+flexability=%)= Damage Taken

I am growing frustrated with my current lazy php programmer as it had taken him a week to write the class roller page, and it's been over a week since he suppossedly started the moves database, which is a total of 65 moves seperated by class and what position they can be done in. I assigned each move a unique number based on class and position, and he's done literally nothing. I am just looking for someone who could help me write this game and be part of my team, which means whent he game goes live you would be getting a cut of any money made (of course). Please feel free to contact me with any questions or anything.


  • Hello!
    I am very interested and willing to work with you on your project. I need hands-on experience because I just graduated with a bachelor degree in Computer Science (from an Icelandic University) and am going to do a Master next year in Informatics (in Swedish Blekinge University). I have never worked as a programmer before and am very willing.
    I know Java best of all, html, javascript, css, php, mysql, and have basic knowledge of c++ with sdl library.
    I know Russian, English, and am currently learning Spanish.
    I want to develop my own MMORPG one day, but I am an absolute beginner at all the business problems.
    Will be delighted to get a reply from you!
    Sincerely Yours,
  • Great! If you would like to contact me at my home email, the address is we can talk more about the game there and decide how we could begin to hash things out! I look forward to hearing back from you!
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