Serial Ports

Hi guys,

I need to be able to create a program that allows a WinXP machine to communicate with an LCD Screen through Com 1 RS232. I have been searching the internet far and wide for answers for about a week now and have had no luck. The only answers I am able to find support Linux.
I need to write the program in ANSI C (GCC compiler).

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated


  • Regarding serial ports in Windows, there are numerous examples on this site and on the net as whole.

    Regarding how a specific LCD works, only the data sheet can tell.

    Regarding ANSI C, it is not possible to write a standard-compliant program in Windows that uses the serial port - you have to use Win API functions.
  • I have had a look at the data sheet and it gives a table with the different character conversions such as 128 + 9 = 137 gives character output superscript 9.

    With regard to using the Windows API, its functions are written in C++ whereas I need them in C.

    If I was able to communicate with a general port and send any general character I would be happy. I would then be able to use the data sheet to send the relevant characters to scren.

    Would you be able to help to set up the port in C and be able to send characters. If you could help me to convert CreateFile()(C++) to C I might be able to get somewhere


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