Online Comic Book Reader

I am developing a website based on a graphic novel. I need a simple script that allows the user to read the novel online.

Basically, I need a drop down menu on the top that allows the user to change chapters.

On the side I need a dropdown menu that allows the user to change pages. The most important feature that I need is arrow key navigation. By this I mean I need for the pages to be able to be changed using arrow keys.
Above is a link to a website that has pretty much everything I need.

It has the drop down menu that allows you to change chapters. It also has the dropdown menu (a long with next/prev. buttons) that allows you to change pages. Most importantly, it has keyboard navigation.

One feature I really like which I would also like included is that once you reach the last page of a chapter, going to the next page leads to the first page of the next chapter.

Please contact me if you are able to create such a script.

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