plz help me with my problem

hi guys i face a problem and i need ur help
i use matlab and i wanna create list dialog box but the command

[selection,ok]=listdlg('PromptString','Select your process','SelectionMode','Multiple','Name','List dialog Box','ListString',s) enables only one item to be shown in the dialog list and can be selected. i want more than one item to be shown and then can be selected. i tried the following code:

[selection1,selection2,selection3,ok]=listdlg('PromptString','Select your process','SelectionMode','multiple','Name','List dialog Box','ListString','start encryption','add user','delete user')
but i got an error message says
too many output arguments
so plz if anyone can help me with that problem
waiting 4 ur reply

thank u very much with my best regards


  • If I understand your problem, it is possible to show more than one item.
    Let's see the example in the matlab help. You have to pass to the function the list of strings to be shown, as in the example.
  • thank u very much 4 ur response my friend but i have the answer for my problem and it has been solved. i hope i can return ur favor

    with my best wishes and regards.
  • thank u very much 4 ur response but i have found the answer 4 my problem i wish i can return ur favor
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