Concerning my books on ASM

sorry i made a post on this same subject on the wrong my apologies to make another one ..

Hi , I am interested in learning the internals of a Computer . hardware and software . That is how the hardware works and how the Software makes use of it . My interest fields are Device drivers , kernel programming and embedded technology .

These are the books i use and let me know of other ones .If they are of any good ?
I find them interesting ..thou the book i am using right now ..Dosnt talk much about Circuit design and those stuff.. its more focused on ASM and alittle Hardware Theory .

1)Introduction to Assembly Language Programming: For Pentium and RISC Processors (Texts in Computer Science) by Sivarama P. Dandamudi

2)Fundamentals of Computer Organization and Design by Sivarama P. Dandamudi(Next book i will study )

3) Guide to RISC Processors: for Programmers and Engineers (next book)

4) 80X86 IBM PC and Compatible Computers: Assembly Language, Design, and Interfacing Volumes I & II (4th Edition) by Muhammad Ali Mazidi and Janice Gillispie-Mazidi (this is the book i was thinking of doing later own .Once i complete the introduction to assembly . This book talks alot about interfacing and messing with the hardware . I also have to get my hands on a Device for the book its self ..Cost me 175 dollars to get . thats the device

Let me know if these books are good to work with and if any other i should look into .. Anything that would help me with my goal of doing kernel programming , embedded and Device driver development ..

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