Command Not Properly Ended

I am having some problems with running some oracle statements on a java servlet. I am making a prepared statement like so

[b]stmt = m_con.prepareStatement("SELECT NAME, TORRENT_USER, TYPE FROM " +
"LIKE '%" + torrentName + "%' ? ?");[/b]

and if someone searches on different settings, you can get different searches with

[b]if(type.equals("all")) {
stmt.setString(1, "");
else {
stmt.setString(1, "AND TYPE='" + type + "'");

if(userName.trim().equals("")) {
stmt.setString(2, "");
else {
stmt.setString(2, "AND USERNAME='" + userName + "'");
When I test the search with a basic search just on name, it tells me that the command is not properly finished. I have tried searching through this, but from what I can find, most things say that it appears when there is a group by or order by. Can anyone help?


  • Found the problem, I was using my PreparedStatement wrong, lol. I fixed it with a normal statement and it is working perfectly.
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