pulse set

Hi, im using a triggered sub system, the system works when trigger pulse is 1 and don't work when pulse is 0.

My problem is that i dont know how to set a pulse of 1 of 0 with out using the pulse generator that gives me a random pulse, and this isn't good for my simulation (whether the pulse is 1 or 0 it dependent's on another sub system).

Any idea which block i should use?

Thank you.


  • You can try to use the [u]switch[/u] block.
  • How can i use a swich blook to out-put a 1 or a 0 pulse ?
  • I can't figure out very well your problem.

    I try:

    subsys1 (output 0 or 1) --> subsys2 (works if output is 1, doesn't work if it is 0).

    I think that the output of the first subsystem is not random but depends on some conditions, it is right?
    Please explain better your problem, so that I can try to help you.
  • Thank you,
    you gave me a new idea that worked.
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