Open Source For Training and Learning Online on Flash Designing

The [link=]Training Shell[/link] is a website that allows you to watch and learn new techniques of 3d designing, Adobe & Macromedia Family, Operating System, Web Programming and Technology, Art, Fashion, Food, Games, Music, on one site. It comes with over 1000 tutorials and all are free of charges.

The [link=]Training Shell[/link] takes the pain of uploading videos you just simply have to register on that site. Gone are the days of searching the internet for movies and tutorial and the hassle of registering on every site before you can learn from that tutorial and create new things It is simple to use that even a beginner can now be a 3d designer, Adobe & Macromedia Family Master, Learn OS usage from scratch and do web programming, Learn Art Work, Learn Fashion Designing, Manage to Cook Food in days.

You also contribute your experience with us, and gave us suggestion how we make that more useful for all of you.


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