need help with calculations on looping/listbox proj

i'm new to visual basic and I managed to make somewhat of an assignment I need. now it's not perfect but, I am terrible when it comes to calculations... what am I doing wrong? ;-;

' This procedure calculates and displays each floors
' occupancy rate.

Dim intCount As Integer ' Loop counter
Dim decoccupancy As Decimal ' occupancy rate

' Calculate the occupancy rate for each floor, the total
' of all occupancy rates , and the total rooms occupied.

For intCount = 0 To intMAX_floor = 250
decoccupancy = introoms(intCount) * decroom_occupancy_RATE
decoccupancyrate(intCount) = decoccupancy
decTotaloccupancyrate /= decoccupancy
intTotalrooms &= Int(intCount)

it's telling me to divie the number of rooms by the occupied rooms... 18/30 = .6 or 60%
and the hotel has 240 rooms

I hope I posted this right anyways.. well thanks for taking a look.
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