Unreal Engine question:

How much coding, if any, is required in order to make a program off this thing? I'm under the impression that there is none, and that it is far simpler than writing a game of the same caliber than using the c++ api. If this is true, then should I work toward this instead of normal programming if my goal is to work on a surfing sim for, lets say, Nintendo in the near future? I am well versed in the Java language, and am certain C++ is the path I should follow before even applying for this job, but I am wondering if this would better suit my needs since I would rather not waste time in obtaining this goal. I can't help but think the Unreal Engine is for beginners in the world of game design with its lack of code input in exchange for mouse based programming, so is the U.E. hindered in any way (i.e. only fps-like games are in its abilities)? Thanks a bunch.


  • Programming in unreal involves writing scripts and building logic flow diagrams in Kismet. You don't actually write anything in C++ but you do need to have a solid understanding of programming logic.

    Game studios use different game engines, tools and applications to make games. So long as you can demonstrate your understanding of concepts, you'll be fine.

  • Theres unreal engine 1, 2, 3. Each version gets more complicated and more advance. Theres that to choose from. And then theres many more game engines out there that is far less complicated but can achieve basically any advance high quality game that is out there.
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