Strange if statement missing. 5 lines code.

Hi. I use Indy component for working with pop3. ( C++ Builder)

if (mess->MessageParts->Items[inindex] is TIdAttachmentFile)
{ li=lvAttachments->Items->Add();
raises error on first line with message "If statement missing )"
Value mess is TIdMessage type.


  • if (mess->MessageParts->Items[inindex] is TIdAttachmentFile)

    "is" is not valid C/C++.


    This isn't valid C/C++ either, it should be NULL or 0.
  • oh, thank you people. But my compiler (C++ Builder 6.0) has no include file . Compiler rise error

    "unable to open include file 'IdAttachment.hpp''.
    So, could you send this include file via e-mail? My e-mail is:

    Big thanks, people.
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