openGL? directX? seriously need help A.S.A.P

I need to present my assignment [color=Red]TOMORROW.[/color]
I need to solve mathematical problems using C and also need to add graphic.

I've been planning of writing a program which uses graphic which can take user input,calculate and return the answer as output.

can I do that in openGL with C?

or directX with C?

or is there any other way?

I've spent [color=Red]WEEKS[/color] just searching for this.please...................[color=Red]HELP
I'm using Code::Blocks,Windows Vista.


  • SephirothSephiroth Fayetteville, NC, USA
    Sorry for the late reply, but yes you can do your assignment in OpenGL and DX. OpenGL is much easier to learn, faster in my experience, and runs on every major OS around. DirectX is very difficult to learn, is object-oriented (like C++, not C), only runs on Microsoft platforms, and is generally slower.

    I would recommend you use OpenGL to do what you're asking. I won't give you source code for your homework, but I will point you to the best GL tutorials around. Just check the link below.

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