VBA and Pivot Tables

I have a worksheet containing seven pivot tables. A VBA macro then takes the results from the PT and carries out other operations. The worksheet was created using Excel 2002. I now find that the worksheet will not work using Excel 2007 because the pivot table is not compatible. I have seen somewhere VBA code that will carry out the same function as a pivot table; in this case to count the number of unique numbers in one column (column A) and add the numbers in the adjacent column (column B).

A B The result here would be 100 x 8
100 6 200 x 5 and 300 x 4
200 4 The number count is 3
100 2
300 4
200 1

There is no problem with code that will place the result in another part of the worksheet then the macro can work on it later.

Thanks in advance
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