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I am currently in the early stages of creating my senior project for school. The program I have decided to create is essentially a slide show program, wherein an event photographer can easily set up a slideshow based upon a folder of images which are then displayed based upon their orientation. I'll spare you the details.

Now, I am not looking for code samples or for anyone to do the work for me, I am just looking for a place to start. All of our work in university has been in a UNIX text based environment, so the entirety of the graphical windows programming is new to me. I am using VS 2005, and sticking to C/C++. I have the Charles Petzold book "Programming Windows" and it has been a great tool in helping me learn the very basics of the Win32 API. Even after completing all 1100+ pages of this text, I still don't know where to begin.

So please, could anyone suggest to me a good place to start? I have a design review upcoming and what I'd like to implement for that review is an image viewer which accepts a list of JPEG images and then displays them, either 1 or 2 or 3 at a time side-by-side. I am just looking for perhaps the name of a function, a section of the API, or a common library that I can use to begin to implement this.

I chose this project to get a feel for windows programming, and I am in no way looking for someone to do it for me. Any direction you could give would be greatly helpful!


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